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vCRM is the customer relationship manager giving visibility to what customers are requesting and agents are providing.

  • CRM system allows all agents to manage all customer information in one central location.
  • Seamless integration with the search system so no duplication of passenger details for booking process.
  • To maintain a clear and easy channel of communicating quotes to customers.
  • All customers automatically get assigned a customer ID and all quotes also have unique ID’s.
  • Provides full accountability by maintaining a complete history of each quote sent to customers, including all travel details.
  • Auto creation of TARSC files once quotes have converted to booking.
  • Ability to allocate quotations to different members of staff.
  • Integration with VoIP platform for all agents signing up to Vertical VoIP solution.
  • Intensive customer profiling. Includes contact details, family details, contact preferences and all previous enquiries and quotes.
  • Full integration with Tarsc and the Search system.
  • Ability to create quotes and dynamic documentation and email to customers.
  • Ability to create a Tarsc file by the click of one button.
  • Send customers an E-Business Card.


Customisation Features

  • Different branding.
  • Use different contact details specific to Brand.
  • Quote template documentation.
  • Customer Mandatory fields, surname, forename, email address, post code or telephone number.
  • Restrict agent visibility to only their Customer database.